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Special Offers

Start your bachelor party with paintball!Ha legénybúcsú, akkor paintball


Would you like to start the bachelor party with something really exciting? Than come to play paintball to Szentendre!

Paintpall became the first step for a bachelor party. The groom usually starts here his tasks. For example we hide something for him that he must find at the paintball field.

Come to play paintball and ask for our special bachelor party discount!


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Birthday paintball discountBirthday gift - paintball


You don’t know what to give for your friend’s or colleague’s birthday? Are you looking for the best birtday gift?

You have just found it! If you bring us your friend or colleague, our gift will be that he or she can play for free.


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Free paintballfree paintball


Do you think that we are kidding?! No, we don’t. We know how hard to collect your friends and organize a painball game. So we decided that we are going to honour you with a free game for your hard job.

Your game will be free.


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Is paintball too extreme for you? Come to play lasertag!lasertag, lasergame


Do you feel paintball too extreme for you? Are you looking for a painless but exciting game?

Try our other ‘shooting’ game lasertag. This is a painless alternative of paintball.


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Paintball – the community experience


Bachelor party, class trips, team building

Paintball is a really exciting team game. It brings friends and colleauges closer. Therefore, paintball is perfect for events such as,

  • bachelor party
  • birthday
  • class trips
  • team building

Ask for our special offers!


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