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The objective of the paintball game in general is to capture the base of the enemy. The player who gets a hit during the game (depending on the rules) must leave the playfield. He/she can than participate at the next game.


More about paintball rules

The rifle needed for the play (marker) can shoot out dyestuff-contained bullets by means of compressed air. The bullet, by hitting a target, bursts open and spread from inside a coloured substance on a small surface. A protecting mask covers the head and the overall shelters the body. We provide both outfit items.

More about paintball equipment

There are different ways to play paintball with rules depending on the number of participants and the available playgrounds. Customers’ own ideas can be implemented in our games (for example: championship). We also provide professional play instructors and referees.

paint ball

Besides single participants and circles of private friends, we strongly recommend paintball for companies and institutions that would like to spend some free time together. Several days lasting training courses and conferences can be enriched by a relaxed game with excitement and entertainment (see our reference list).
Momentary we dispose of several playing-fields in different locations of the country. Our paintball field is at Szentendre.
However, we also have the possibility to accomplish the game on a suitable place by the customer’s choice. Our mobile paintball field has been already used by several thousands of persons on the ‘Sportsziget’, ‘Pepsi sziget’ and on other company events.

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How can I book for paintball?

You can book by clicking HERE. If you would like to book personally call us:

351-0655 or 30/397-8533.

When the reservation become final?

The reservation becomes final, if you pay deposit in our office 3 days before the game.

Is paintball safe?

If you follow the rules told by the master of the game paintball is completely safe

What clothes should I wear?

The bullet contains food dye, the outer shell made of gelatine. It has no adverse health effect and 100% washable. During the game we provide an overall that players can pull off their clothes. For this reason we recommend comfortable clothing. We also recommend sport shoes or boots.

How long does a paintball game take?

Basically it takes 4-5 hours. It depends on stamina of the team.

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