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Paintball outfits

The marker (gun/rifle)

paintball gun - infernoModel Inferno Field, semi-automatic. The marker is manufacture in England and until today assembled by hand. The yearly series is approx. 15.000 pieces. It is a very good quality middle-category marker type and has been developed specially for the paintball field.

Semi-automatic: after every shot the marker will refill automatically, so we have nothing more to do as aiming on the target and fast repeatedly pulling the trigger.


Paintball container: VL 200

painball bullet container



The plastic container’s capacity is 200 bullets in total. It is placed on top of the marker’s head. It is a falling-storage mechanism.




Paintball (bullet)

paintball bullets


The traditional bullet resembles a round chewing gum and has a calibre of 0.68. We use different coloured bullets, who, when hitting the target, bursts and the contained natural dyestuff spats on a surface with the size of approx. a 20-forint coin.




Protecting Mask: SCOTT Vectra type

paintball mask



It is manufactured in the United States and is specially designed for this purpose. The protecting mask covers all vulnerable parts of the head.




Carbon dioxide flask (cylinder)

paintball co2 cylinder



These flasks have a size of between 12 and 20 ounce. Depending on its size it is able to support 400-800 rounds.





Protecting West

paintball west



For those participants, who fear the impact of the hitting paintball, we created special polyfoam wests.







paintball overall




Different coloured overalls help to identify the different teams.






Smoke grenade

Cold-burning grenades are absolutely safe for the user and for the ‘target group’. They are obtainable for different colours.


Recommended outfit parts (not provided by us):

  • baseball cap
  • gloves
  • leisure clothing
  • closed, robust shoes