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Paintball rules

Certain basic rules must be kept during the paintballgame. They are strict in order to provide safety. The other rules we only suggest, however, it depends on the formation and the number of participants per team.

Safety rules (keep strictly):

paintball szabályok

Outside the playfield the paintball rifles are secured, the barrel looks down to earth. It is not allowed to show-off with the guns, nor to aim them on participants, not even than, if one thinks the gun is empty. One can only take-off the protecting masks in case everybody keeps this regulation strictly. Being on the playfield, it is the most important rule not to take-off the protecting mask. Even if the participant is not in action for the moment. Strictly forbidden is physical contact (e.g. hit each other)! Furthermore, it is forbidden to throw around the objects within the playground or to climb on places marked by the referee. Underage people can only play paintballwith the control and responsibility of an adult!

Other paintball rules:

The two or more teams are identified with overalls of different colour that cover the entire body. Identification is also possible by coloured arm ribbons. Valid hits: A coloured spot by the size of a 20 HUF coin on the valid hitting surface (also if a team-member caused this hit). Valid hitting surface: upper body and the front side and the backside of the head. The players, who are hit, will lift his/her weapon over his/her head, well visible for everybody and leaves the playing field. It is not allowed to shoot at the player, who is moving out. A player is not permitted to approach the flag of the enemy (capture the flag) in this way. Whenever possible, one should not shoot at a range closer than 5-7 meters, because than it could cause serious injures (e.g. if a finger is hit). Within the shorter range one has to shout at the others the typical scream ‘GOTCHA’.

Paintball game-types:


Paintball utolsó emberigLast men standing

That team is the winner, which have more ‘alive’ member in the end of the game. The teams start from the bases on a given signal. The end of the game is logically, when the enemy is completely ‘out’, or if the playing time is over. In the latter case, the number of ‘stayed alive’ decides.

Capture the flag

The flag marks the base of the teams. This flag should be defended, or rather the enemy’s flag should be captured. Within this game the number of stayed alive participants is not relevant. End of the game is the capturing of the opponent’s flag. paintball szászlószerzésIt is possible to play two variations: In one case the flag must be only to be touched, whereas in the other case one should bring the enemy’s flag to the own base. In case the player who is carrying the flag is hit, must throw the flag away. After that the flag can be captured again. The flag can only be passed on between players who are ‘still alive’. The flag should be stand on a good visible and accessible position. During the game it is not permitted to move the flag to another position.

Save the hostage

paintball túszmentésThe hostage who is in the base of the enemy (member of the own team) should be rescued and be brought to the own base (without catching a hit). The number of players who ‘stayed alive’ is not relevant. The arrival of the rescued hostage in the own base marks the end of the game. If the rescue is not successful within the playing time, or nobody stays alive of the team of the hostage, than the other team wins. ‘Hit’ team-mates are not permitted to shelter the hostage with their body; they should anyhow leave the field immediately.


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