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Paintball fields


Szentendre – paintball field

paintball szentendre


Our own paintball field is in Szentendre, it satisfies the needs of very advanced paintball players and the expectations of beginners as well. The building complex specifically for the paintball is over 10.000 m2. We have 7 naturally and artificially builted paintball fields (hangar, speed, special speed). The participants could even feel the exciting atmosphere of the motion picture ‘Saving private Ryan’ in our ‘Landing’ paintball field.

After the exhausting game the paintball players will find refreshments clean dressing room, toilet and washroom.


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Mobile paintball fieldmobil_field_paintball


If you feel Budapest or Szentendre so far from you or you live/study other part of Hungary you can still play paintball.

Our mobile field can be set up anywhere like Szeged, Miskolc, Győr, Pécs or Slovakia, Austria where scenery


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