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Mobile paintball field

mobile paintball field

Our mobile painball field was tested by many people several times, like at Sziget Festival and outdoor teambuildings.

If the possibility is given, any place is good for playing paintball.

We use a special net around the mobile paintball filed, so neither nature nor the visitors can be harmed.

Paintball mobile filed

Any other activities can be done very next to the paintball filed, the game won’t affect on it. And no one will be hurt.

We set up foxholes, so a plain filed could be a real game field in no time. At this field the game, ‘speed’ is the best to play.
These games are fast, so these are good for cahampionships or big events.

We set up our mobile field on the day of the game and we also dismantle that day.

We use inflatable foxholes.

The paintball courses do not require the construction of permanent environmental changes, when the track is removed, the site remains in its original condition.


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