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Szentendre – paintball field

Our own paintball field is in Szentendre, it satisfies the needs of very advanced paintball players and the expectations of beginners as well. The building complex specifically for the paintball is over 10.000 m2.

We have 7 naturally and artificially builted paintball fields (hangar, speed, special speed). The participants could even feel the exciting atmosphere of the motion picture ‘Saving private Ryan’ in our ‘Landing’ paintball field.

After the exhausting game the paintball players will find refreshments clean dressing room, toilet and washroom.

Paintball outfits:

  • semi-automatic paintball gun (Inferno)
  • protection mask (Scott, with thermo lens avoiding damp)
  • overall
  • adequate amount of bullets (ammunition)

For security reasons on the playfield it is only allowed to use bullets permitted by us.

Of course we provide our advanced players with bullets of different quality and price levels.

How to get there:

The field is in Szentendre next to road number 11 at Városkapu mall.

If you come by HÉV you have to get off at Pannóniatelep station.

Bus transfer is also available! Please ask about our speacial offer for it!

Opening hours:

We are open 24/7.
Booking is always necessary.


Special paintball fields


Speed (Afghanistan)

The name (speed) suggests that on this kind of field the game is relatively fast and demands a completely different playing tactic as e.g. within a building. The paintball field provides a very good open view and therefore it is difficult to hide. It requires a fast and resolute attack. Tractor tires piled-high-up give the protection. The size of the field equals approx. 1.5 handball field and has a rectangular form.

It is excellently suited for beginner paintball players as warming-up game, because during this game preparing for the game ‘last men standing’ everybody can learn the different possibilities of playing paintball and at the same time getting acquainted with all aspects of the provided outfits.

For advanced players it is a good training field for coming contests or for the rehearsal of specific tactical elements.

Typical games accomplished: ‘last men standing’ and ‘capture the flag’.

Ideal number of participants: 10-30 persons.


Landing (D-Day)

One team defends a position, which is enforced with bulwark and sandbags and is on two sides bordered with trenches. The other team is a rather difficult situation, because it is operating in a flat field only protected with piled-up tires. From here they should attack the ‘shore’.

Those, familiar with the history, know that it is possible to win the battle with good fighting spirit, tactics and teamwork.

This field combines the ‘speed’ and the playfield characteristics. There is a special thrill for the attackers at the begin of the game to ‘kick-off the falling door of the landing boat’.

The playfield is approx as large as a handball field and is square.

Typical games accomplished: ‘capture the flag’.

Ideal number of participants: 10-30 persons.


Trench-Field (Verdun)

Throughout the entire field there are many trenches of approx. 160 cm deep, on the surface are hills, bushes and piled-up tires providing shelter.

The extended, subdivided field is for those players ideal, which prefer a slower style and like to hide.

Because of the large size of the field it is not possible to shoot through. It is rather for larger groups or advisable for very advanced paintball player.

The field has the size of approx. two handball fields and is square.

Typical games accomplished: ‘last men standing’, ‘capture the flag’.

Ideal number of participants: 10-50 persons.

We cannot display this gallery


Small building (Berlin)

On the playfield is a building in which (besides the large hall) there are several smaller rooms.

Between the different rooms are (beside the existing doors and windows) especially for paintball games built crossings, which make the passage easier.

One can carry out the play on the field in different ways and except a few rooms it is impossible to be locked.

Around the building there are natural shelters and also artificial hindrances, so the attack from outside is also possible.

The building is clean and in order to provide secure games, we broke down all dangerous parts of the building. A further advantage of the building is that in case of rain the playfield is covered.

For this field it is to recommend using the smoke grenades, which can be purchased at the field.

The paintball playfield has the size of approx. one handball field and is square.

Typical games accomplished: ‘last men standing’, ‘capture the flag’ and ‘saving hostages’.

Ideal number of participants: 10-50 persons.


Hangar (U2)

This location combines in an excellent way the paintball playing styles of ‘speed’, house-to-house fight and ‘tree and bush’ fighting. It consists of two parts, separated by a wall, which provides also a passage. One can play in the two different rooms or in one, as a combined game.

Inside the building spread over the surface are pillars, car wrecks and tractor tires as hiding objects. Nevertheless, the players can overlook the entire large covered combat field.

Trees and bushes and artificial shelters providing extra playground surround the hangar. There are endless possibilities for combining game tactics through passages, crossings, etc. In this way the enemy can be surprised in many ways.

The size of the paintball playfield has the size of approx. 4 handball fields and in rectangular.

Typical games accomplished: ‘last men standing’, ‘capture the flag’.

Ideal number of participants: 10-50 persons.


Large building (Stalingrad)

Classic house-to-house fighting.

On 3000 m2 there are many rooms; theatre (good aim from the projector room). The possibility to move in and out of the building is given by the former open windows and doors.

Around the building there are many trees and bushes, as well as artificial hindrances. Therefore it provides a good opportunity to circulate around the building and to approach the opponent from behind. The building has a U-form of which one part is shorter than the other one has several floors. To enable a perfect game, we opened here also several crossings between the different rooms. It is an ideal training field for tactical penetration.

For beginners it is a real adrenaline bomb, because of the closed place the shots are louder and the 7 meters distance is not always given.

It is recommended to use the smoke grenades, which can be purchased, at the field.
The playfield has approx. the size of a football field and is square.

Typical games accomplished: ‘last men standing’, ‘capture the flag’, ‘save the hostage’.

Ideal number of participants: 15-70 persons.