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Hangár ( U-2 ) information

This location combines playing styles of ‘speed’, house-to-house fight and ‘tree and bush’ fighting in an excellent way. It consists of two parts, separated by a wall, which provides also a passage. One can play in the two different rooms or in one, as a combined game. Inside the building, you can find rows of columns, car wrecks and tractor tires as hiding objects. Nevertheless, the players can overlook the entire large covered combat field. Trees and bushes and artificial shelters provide extra playground surround the hangar. There are endless possibilities for combining game tactics through passages, crossings, etc. In this way the enemy can be surprised in many ways. The building is clean and in order to provide secure games, we broke down all the dangerous parts of it. A further advantage of the building is that in case of rain, the playfield is covered.

Field details

Popular paintball game types:

  • Last men standing
  • Capture the flag

  10 – 50 person

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